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Transportation Information

Responsibility: Our drivers are charged with the responsibility of transporting the most valuable cargo. The school bus transportation industry has proven to be the safest mode of transportation; this is an ongoing effort and must have support from parents. It is extremely important that parents instruct students in safety procedures such as going to and from the bus stop in a safe manner, standing back (away) from traffic, and no horseplay.

Personnel: Not everyone is eligible to transport your child. JISD drivers must meet rigid criteria such as criminal history check, drug testing and state, local and in-house training.

Routes: We presently transport over 800 students per day and travel approximately 200,000 miles per year. Routes are designed to service each area of our district, but it is not a door-to-door service. Currently running nine regular routes and three special needs routes are operated AM and PM.  Mid-day routes are also operated daily. Our Special Needs students are served with buses equipped to meet their needs.

Informational Items: We have to make several changes in routes and drop off and pick up sights, Changes that are made will be available to you on this web page as soon as possible. Any questions concerning routes or pick-up/drop-off times should be directed to the Transportation Department, 409-384-2252.