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1882 Partnership Information

Last night, the Jasper ISD Board of Trustees approved a contract to enter into a partnership with Third Future Schools to increase the educational opportunities and outcomes for students in Parnell Elementary. We want to share real-time, accurate information with the community. We also want to ensure that everyone with questions has the opportunity to ask them and get them answered. 


 No community wants to face challenges educating students to the degree that we have in Jasper, but challenges often lead to opportunity. We embrace this opportunity while recognizing the confusion and even fear that it may create. As the saying goes, it takes a village, and we are coming to you, our village for support, but we do not expect you to support this change blindly. As such, we have established a number of ways for you to submit questions, and we pledge to answer those questions to the absolute best of our ability.  

  1. You can email questions to 
  2. You can submit questions under the 1882 Partnership tab on the Jasper ISD homepage or under the Parnell Partnership tab on the Parnell Elementary webpage 
  3. Or call 409-384-9484 and someone will take down your question and pass it along to be answered 


If you have a question, others probably have the same questions. We will come back to you in this same format to share the answers, and we will post a FAQ document on the website and through Facebook. If we don’t know the answer, and we definitely will not know all of the answers, we will tell you honestly that we don’t know, but we will do our best to track down information. 


Thank you for your support as we take this bold step to best serve the students of Jasper. Please get your questions in. We look forward to taking on this new challenge for the students at Parnell, all Jasper students, and for the Jasper community. 


Submit Questions Here

If you would like more information about Third Future Schools, please visit their website at: