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January's Teacher of the Month

JANUARY Bulldog of the Month – TEACHER - Brittany Best – Jasper High School

Nominated by Jeanette Koehn

jan teacher best

Why do you think this teacher should receive the Bulldog of the Month Award?

I think Coach Best should receive the Bulldog of the Month Award because of her passion for her job. I have not only had the honor of working with her but also have watched her coach my daughter in volleyball. If you have ever watched her coach you can see her love for the girls, her excitement and how animated she can be on the sidelines. Her girls respect her and really listen and respond to what she tells them. In the classroom it's not different, as a fellow co-worker Coach Best has the same love for her students, excitement and yes she can be animated in the classroom. I can hear her teaching her students, some days I think I may learn a thing or two from my office. Coach Best has great classroom management as well. Her students know exactly what she expects and what she will and will not put up with. She rarely has to send students to the office. When you walk past her room you can see her students are engaged working from the tardy bell to the time class is over.

How does this staff member inspire you and others?

Coach Best inspires me to have fun and make the best out of it all. If you love what you do it shows through your work, and through your students.