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January's Staff Member of the Month

DECEMBER Bulldog of the Month – STAFF MEMBER – Rodessa Kenebrew - Transportation

Nominated by Donna Adams

jan emp kenebrew

Why do you think this staff member should receive the Bulldog of the Month Award?

Rodessa goes above and beyond her work duties. She will go out of her way to help others not only the students she transports, but all students. She is always willing to help when we are short of drivers and need someone to help out with an extra route. She loves her job and she loves all the students she makes a point to not only know where the students live, but she wants to know everything about them- she is a special needs bus driver and these students need special care and she comes thru for them. She has known students in the past that were less fortunate and wanted certain things at school such as snacks at lunch, but the student would not have the funds she would take money out of her own pocket and put it into the students account. I have seen this on several occasions, she would also go out into the community if need be to help any and all students that might need something. She would also help her coworkers out if need be, always willing to help during any type of evacuations we may have had. Just an all around good Hearted-Honest-Hard working person.

How does this staff member inspire you and others?

She has been an employee for JISD for 30 plus years. She started in Food Service in 1991 and in 1994 became a Bus Driver. She worked in the cafeteria and drove a bus up until a couple years ago she decided to retire from food service but continues to drive a bus. She is always on time and very seldom has she missed work.