FAQ for Student Device Initiative

  • Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  If you do not see your question covered in our FAQ, please e-mail techsperts@jasperisd.net

  • Question:  Can my distance-learning students continue to use their own laptops/tablets?

    Answer:  Yes.  While the student is enrolled in distance learning, they may continue to use their own devices.  However, when they return to face-to-face learning, they will need a Chromebook.  Teachers will have web assignments that are to be completed in class, and students will NOT be able to bring personal devices to school.


    Question:  My student is having trouble connecting to the Mi-Fi provided by JISD.  HELP!

    Answer:  These can be tricky.  Please take a look at the video below to troubleshoot:

    YouTube Video on Troubleshooting Mi-Fi devices.


    Question:  I need to upload a picture for my lesson!  How can I do this?

    Answer:  Check out the video tutorial below.  

    Attaching a picture to your Google Assignment with your Chromebook.