2020-2021 Recipients

Past Recipients

2019-2020 Recipients




2018-2019 Recipients

  • Tammy Gerard - Few Primary

    Leslie Faulkner - Parnell Elementary

    Lynn Jones - Jasper Junior High School

    Joe "Doc" Guthrie - Jasper High School

2017-2018 Recipients

  • Joscelyn Adams - Jasper Junior High School

    Jennifer Herrington - Jasper High School

    Jennifer Quintavalle - Jasper High School

    Leah Schexsnayder - Few Primary

2016-2017 Recipients

  • Rachel Alvis - Jasper Junior High School

    Ardis Matthews - Jasper High School

    Karen Robins - Few Primary

    Leslie Ruckel - Few Primary

2015-2016 Recipients

  • Kim Collins - Parnell Elementary

    Elaine Harrison - Parnell Elementary

    Leanne Simmons - Jasper Junior High School

    Marianne Sumrall - Jasper High School

2014-2015 Recipients

  • Susan Wright - Few Primary

    Margaret Kneese - Parnell Elementary

    Becky Pickering - Jasper High School

    Donald Romano - Jasper High School

2013-2014 Recipients

  • Lori Burton - Few Primary

    Bonita Todd - Parnell Elementary

    Lindsay Jeansonne - Jasper Junior High School

    Linda O'Brien - Jasper High School

2012-2013 Recipients

  • Kristin Dimitry - Few Primary

    Rebecca Dougharty - Parnell Elementary

    Debra Cordova - Jasper Junior High School

    Dianne Pace - Jasper Junior High School

2011-2012 Recipients

  • Celicia McCarter - Few Primary

    Shannon Stott - Parnell Elementary

    Sheila Guillory - Jasper Junior High School

    Kim Hines - Jasper High School

Brittany Best - Jasper High School

  • best and class

    Ms. Best teaches math at Jasper High School and has been with the district since 2017. 

    Ms. Best was nominated by her fellow teacher, Linda O’Brien.

Amy Strickland - Jasper High School

  • strickland and class

    Mrs. Strickland teaches both high school and college English for Jasper High School and has been with the district since 2016. 

    Five of her students nominated Mrs. Strickland: Peyton Woods, Hope Rivera, Macy Powers, Hayes Neal, and Allison Pool.

Jenehah Adams - Parnell Elementary

  • adams and class

    Mrs. Adams teaches reading and language arts at Parnell Elementary and has been with the district for over 25 years. 

    Fellow co-worker Bonita Todd nominated Mrs. Adams.

Meghan Prokop - Parnell Elementary

  • prokop and class

    Mrs. Prokop teaches math and science at Parnell Elementary and has been with the district since 2016. 

    Mrs. Prokop was nominated by her fellow teacher, Leslie Faulkner and her cousin, Amy Wright.