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Health Services 

JISD Nursing Staff
Blair Powell
 Few Primary
Sarah Smith
 Parnell Elementary
Regina Smith
 Rowe Intermediate
Henrietta Sells
 Jasper Junior High
Shari Burkett
 Jasper High  School
Bacterial Meningitis
Health Advisory Committee

JISD’S School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) has been restructured and has begun meeting regularly.  The SHAC is responsible for establishing, overseeing and evaluating a coordinated school health program for our district.

Promotion and adoption of healthy personal and social behaviors positively affects academic achievement and ultimately long term community wellness. After gathering data to determine health needs of children in our school and community, long range goals are set and plans are made for implementation.  

A comprehensive school health program must include the following 8 components:

Nutrition Services
Health Education
Physical Education
Health Services
Healthy and Safe School Environment
Counseling and Mental Health Services
Staff Wellness and Promotion
Parent and Community Involvement

The TEA makes available to the district several approved school health programs that meet their specific criteria.  Jasper SHAC selected the “CATCH” (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) program in 2006.  This program is designed to promote physical activity, healthy food choices, and prevent tobacco use in children.  The “CATCH” program, written by children’s health experts, teaches children that these behaviors can be fun.

The SHAC committee is a “work in progress” working toward long range increased wellness in our children and community.